You Are Capable.


“Lies my eating disorder told me & the truths:

ED: You are not sick enough.

TRUTH: There is no such thing as ‘sick enough’.  Every eating disorder kills.  Every eating disorder is dangerous and every person struggling with this eating disorder suffers.  Everyone needs help.

ED: ‘Once I am at x weight, I will be satisfied’ 

TRUTH: Such lies.  Nothing will ever be good enough for this eating disorder.

ED: It is not really damaging.

TRUTH: All eating disorder behaviours are damaging to your mind, body and health.  They are all fatal and serious.

ED: These are bad foods.

TRUTH: Food is not bad.  All food is good and neutral.  Eat what makes you feel good.  Do not make rules about certain types of food due to the amount of calories it holds.

ED: The treatment professionals are lying to you.  They want to hurt you and make you overweight.

TRUTH: The treatment professionals are there to help you.  The eating disorder is lying. YOU are different from the eating disorder. “



You are so capable.



Today I ate more than I have in a while.  I am in a significant amount of pain.  My stomach is bloated and I think I have gained an inconsiderable amount of weight.

Correction: ED is telling me that I have gained an inconsiderable amount of weight when I have not.

“Your right hand, O Lord,
    is glorious in power.
Your right hand, O Lord,
    smashes the enemy.

 Exodus 15:6
 Smash the enemy.  Smash Ana. Smash the devil.  There is no authority over me other than from CHRIST.
I am so capable. 

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