Humbled by Your Goodness

Writing all the way from Auckland, New Zealand.

This country is unbelievable.IMG_1237.JPG

Australia was amazing, but New Zealand is beyond comprehension. There is something about this place that reminds me of home. The scenery here is so peaceful and the people here are genuine.

Australia was wonderful, I loved every bit of it… but it really made me feel so far away from anything that I knew. Nothing about it is familiar, you either get hippy, beachy surfer towns or extreme industrialized and corporate cities.

Inka. Staying in all the hostels that we did in Australia allowed for us to meet many people. There was one girl that roomed with us in Byron Bay named Inka. She is from England and staying in Melbourne for a year working with young children. We went out to a local club together, which thankfully Jess and Inka made somewhat enjoyable. We spent nearly every day with her.

That’s the hard thing about meeting people in hostels: you get to know them and then you have to say goodbye very abruptly. Though technology helps us stay connected, sending one another snapchats and texts to be aware of what our travels look like.

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Kevin. UPDATE! Kevin is meeting us in Auckland on Sunday and spending the remaining week and a half travelling with us! Couldn’t be more excited to have my favourite person join us to conclude our travels.

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Sarah. My brothers’ “Bonnie lass”. I got the chance to meet her, what a sweet sweet girl. She has a sense of humour like no other – I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time we were together. She has such a passion and love for the Lord, and so much care for others. Hearing the way that her and Kev interact is amazing; I could genuinely see how happy they made one another. Cannot wait to get to know this beautiful lady more and more.


Julia. What a lovely human. My closest Starbucks friend that is always ready with a bottle of red wine to just sit and chat for hours and hours on end. Didn’t think I would end up missing work as much as I have over the past few weeks, I really think a big part of that is me just missing joking around with Juju. In the meantime, she’s spending lots of time with Cody and my parents…. even more reasons for my heart to be so full!


Tourists. Spending much needed time out in the sun, seeing as many things as we possibly can. We saw the Opera House a few days ago… that was such an incredible experience. We’ve taken as many sunny days as we can to go to the beach and soak up all the sun that we know we won’t be returning back to Canada to.

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Loved ones. I got a text today from Cody, “guess who just showed up here.” Cody and Julia were out for a drink tonight at State and Main when my parents and my Aunt showed up to have a bite to eat. They all sat together, drank and chatted all night. SO happy to see all the people I love getting to know one another so well, can’t wait to be apart of that when I return.

Oh my gosh!!!


Cody. Man, this guy is amazing. He makes me happier than anything. I always look forward to our 4 hour long FaceTime calls at nearly 2am (thanks to the very extreme time change), making one another laugh and catching up on life from the other side of the world. Though I don’t want to come to terms with having to head back home in a week and a bit, I couldn’t be more excited to see him again.

Amelia. Someone who has always been an encouragement to me, no matter where we are at in our lives or how long it has been since we have connected. Just before I left for Australia, my dear friend Amelia reached out to me, sending lots of love and encouragement when she read that things had been a bit of a struggle for me. Since then we have been talking back and forth. I opened a message a few days back, read it and then closed it shortly after. She asked some really difficult questions… ones that I really struggled to answer.

“My questions for you TODAY as you read this: 1. What’s one reason TODAY to love your body? 2. What is one thing TODAY that you’ve realized you absolutely love?”

So my answers:

1. Today I love my body because it gave me the energy and capability to walk all around this beautiful country. Today I love my body because no matter how many negative thought I have about it, or however much I chose to neglect to nourish it, it fights against my destructive thoughts and actions, always striving for health and mobility. My body has loved me each and every day that I have chosen to not love it.

2. Today I absolutely love my eyes. Someone complimented the colour of my eyes a few days back, and it got me thinking a lot about how easy it is to find something you love about someone else’s body and how hard it is to find something that you love about your own. Today I chose to accept the compliment, and embrace the fact that I can like my own eyes just as much as this random stranger told me that they did.

Amelia, thank you for the challenge. I wanted to ignore the questions because I genuinely didn’t think I had anything good to say at this point and time, but I forced myself to answer them, and it helped give a new perspective of self love. I encourage you all to answer those two questions as well 🙂

GRACE means there is nothing we can do to make God love us MORE and there is nothing we can do to make God love us less.

Lots of love,

Kathryn xo

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