Month: March 2017

Home is where the Heart is

Home is where the Heart is

Today we’re spending out last day in Gold Coast. The beachy sunshine city…. though the huge downpour aftermath from the cyclone didn’t help with going out last night or heading to the beach today. That’s okay though, we get to take a few days to […]

Top 10 Body Positive Challenges

Top 10 Body Positive Challenges

Since being in Australia, I am travelling around larger cities with an immense amount of advertisement. Media – such a toxic and corrupt influencer in peoples lives. Creating pressures and standards that literally no one can meet, yet we are foolish and desperate enough to […]

Australia 2017 // Photo Updates

Australia 2017 // Photo Updates

The past two days has been filled with so many events and such great memories. Too much to not write down – at least before I forget.
Jess and I are currently sitting in the YWAM cafe, having a few hours to write to our families, journal and connect with friends back at home. Just the perfect time to blog 🙂


  1. KOKev. The OG Stiterz. My brother and my best friend. Someone who makes me laugh more than anyone else, who gets who I am and who is equally just as weird as I am. Forever thankful for this human here. Forever my favourite person.


2. We went to Magnetic island as a group of four for the night. We explored some beaches, went on a hike and saw some pretty wicked animals. We could not get over the fact that all four of us has regrouped and are casually hanging out in Australia.  A dream come true.


3. I got to purchase my first legal drink! Jess and I seperated from the boys for a few hours yesterday and decided to stop off to talk and start our vacation off right. The anorexia made a quick appearance for a moment or two, reminding me of me fear of alcoholic calories and reminding me of a time where I couldn’t even put alcohol to my lips without tears and tears. But I quickly read over a text from Cassie the other day,

“You is brave. You is strong. You is important. God needs you to fight them. You know they are of ‘Ed.’ Hence they are not of God.”

So I took the drink and finished the whole thing, just to tell Ed to screw off.

3. Oh my goodness. This dog, Goldie, is actually the cutest yet most psychotic dog I have ever met. We met Goldie at the b&b that we stayed at on the island…. which was quite the experience actually – We walked in the bold heat like hippies on the side of the road for about an hour, trying to find this random b&b that we had rented. Finally, we got to the street that it’s on and once we found it, to our surprise, it was completely covered in barbed wire, uncut grass and barred windows. We knocked on the door and this lady walked towards us, taking us back,  we realized she is only in only a bra and a pair of shorts. She thought we were not coming as there is a big cyclone warning in effect. The fact that she was only in a bra didn’t even phase her until several minutes of talking to us. She invited us in, showed us our rooms and gave us some food to eat. To then only proceed to introduce us to her dog. She is hilarious, one of the most down to earth hippies ever. Long story short, we got a good laugh out of it and will now forever have this story that we all got to share.

4. Evening walks on Magnetic Island. Appreciating the sunsets here – there unlike the ones at home.


5. Love love love them.


6. We spent the afternoon making fun of Kevin trying his hardest to get his hair into a bun.


7. Swimming in the ocean. Though my eyes turned bright red due to all the salt getting in them, and the few waves that overtook us, we had such a great time at the beach. We spend a couple hours swimming, eating lunch and suntanning (warning the sun in Australia is STRONG… wear sunscreen… I learned the hard way and now I am completely red and in burning pain… only me of course). 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


8. Wallabys. One of the walks that we went on on the island was filled with these baby kangaroo animals, called wallabys. They’re so small and cuddly. I almost wanted to take one home with me.


9. This was the part of the day that we all had discussed the need to apply sunscreen, to then only not do so for another 4 hours.


10. The beach is a short walk away from the YWAM Townsville base, so on Friday night Jess, Kev and I took a walk. It was nice to get away and chat a bit. The idea of how life here is normal for some people blew my mind. How insane would it be to just take a casual 10 minute walk down to the local beach for a night swim in the ocean and on the way home grabbing a froyo. Life in Canada is a bit different.

I am pretty excited to continue these travels, we leave for Brisbane tomorrow, but also sad to say goodbye to my brother for another 4ish months.  I am missing work but also enjoying this time off that I get. I am looking forward to meeting new people at all the hostels that we are staying at.

God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. This is how love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment: In this world we are like Jesus. There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

1 John 4:16-18


Okay to not be okay.

Okay to not be okay.

Permission to feel. I’ve been trying my best to focus on my honest feelings and thoughts, instead of pushing them away to try to get them to disappear, but bringing them to the surface and embracing such, sharing with others, and not being discouraged in […]

T- 5 Days

T- 5 Days

“I’ve noticed you haven’t blogged in a while. I hope everything is okay.” I have received that text message from so so many people in the past month…. thank you all for the concerns and love!! But here I am… I swear I am alive […]